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Liquor Dram Shop


If you sell liquor in Chicago or any other part  of Illinois. You need  liquor Insurance.  

Bars, Nightclubs, Liquor Stores,  Caterers, Heirlooms, Hosts, Breweries, Distilleries  

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Marijuana Insurance


Illinois is a Medical Marijuana state. 🚬 You'll need commercial insurance to enter this BOOMING industry.  Only a handful of insurance companies  are providing coverage in Illinois.  I offer all of them.

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Tow Truck Insurance


Tow trucks need to meet the needs of their vendor contracts as well as the state. Things can become dicey if you have filings in multiple states.  

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Refundable Life Insurance


What happens to your life insurance if you don't die? You loose all of payments you've made. Instead would you like  to get a refund? 

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Keyman Life Insurance


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HIV Life Insurance


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