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Why be good at a job when you can be great at your passion

                             ~ Zena The Insurance Princess

If you've made it here then you know Insurance is my passion! You may be wondering what Zena The Insurance Princess is all about. Zena T.I.P is MY living diary of my life as a Multi-Line Insurance Broker. My mission is to share with the world the intriguing and sometimes funny insurance cases, I encounter.

I am a working insurance broker based in the Chicagoland Area.  Although you would likely find me beating the streets in the Chicago Metro Area. I protect business and families throughout Illinois. In fact, I have clients as far away  as my college alma mater; Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

I owe a great deal to my parent company; The Insurance Exchange for their support and guidance.  Being apart of the team is an honor and a privilege!

People always ask if my work ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’? No…. But it is fulfilling and I'm helping people protect their life’s work!

  • Zena Sutherland's job is to analyze your insurance needs and provide the best crafted insurance packages.
  • Zena T.I.P's success comes from exposing INSIDER information about Insurance and how it benefits YOU. Where other agents skim the surface;  Zena T.I.P. dives deep and explains how you can USE insurance to succeed. 

Feel free to navigate my page, especially the section titled INSURANCE 411. You'll learn more about the products I have, and how they benefit you!  Don't be surprised if most of your insurance needs are covered!

Sharing expertise and fun doing ALL THINGS INSURANCE

~Zena Sutherland    

What Peaks Your Curiosity?

Finally, if you have a burning insurance question or even a dilemma, follow the link below, and I'll be certain to address it.

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